I love to make soap!! My passion began many years ago when I first read about the benefits of hand made soap. I have gone from learning the very first and important steps to finally trying out my very first "pure Olive Oil" soap. I was hooked from that point on; researching and finding new scent and essential oil blends to make it smell better, trying different oils and butters to make it firmer, testing a few minerals to make them "pretty".  

I am always looking for new recipes and as a result, my soaps are constantly changing with exciting new scents and imaginative creations. I always have the tried and true formulas and favorite scents that stick around to be enjoyed year-round. As well, I throw in a few seasonal scents, to mix things up.

All of my soaps are made in small batches, hand measured, hand stirred, and hand-poured. Each formula used has been created and tested by myself and the review board before going up for sale.