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As a small business owner it has always been my intention to keep personal and business separate. And that my friends is a fine line to walk. As a small business owner I am the face, I am the bookkeeper, the chief cook and bottle washer as my mothers would say. My family is my heartbeat, and right now my family life is needing a lot of my attention. I have not wanted to put this out into the world, however I want to let my loyal customers know I am not going out of business nor am I slacking off. here is the rundown: The week after thanksgiving my Father in Law was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer. He is 93, leaving zero options, and well we would not want that anyway. He has lived a long loving life, surrounded by all that he holds dear. Dad has made peace with the inevitable, and for the most part so has my family. Ken and I live less than a football field away from the parents. We literally bought the farm, so they would have a place to live out their years. See I have always known this day would come, the reality is taking a little more of a mental strain on me than I had planned. Therefore, my time has been redirected to help with appointments, shopping trips, funeral home visits and making certain my mother in law takes care of herself. I love them and would not want the end to be any other way. What I am asking of you continue to order, but please know that order processing time may be a little longer, and I just might be out of your favorite soap until the end of February. Find me in the festivals that are just around the corner. Most of all, hold those you love tight, I know I have been.

Stay Dirty my friends,

Thank you for visiting Dirty Water Soaps. Here you will find high quality handmade Bath and Body products. The products here at Dirty Water Soaps are made with vegetable oils, essential oils, fragrance oils, and ground ingredients.  I like to carry a variety of scents and textures in my soaps.


We believe in supporting Local whenever possible. Therefore we pride ourselves in being a Colorado Proud company. We have searched out Colorado Companies that can provide us with key ingredients in our products.

I use biodegradable, recycled or recyclable packaging. As I come across a packaging that betters the earth I will take steps to incorporate it into my line. I believe in keeping the planet green. Every little bit helps.  

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